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We invite organizations that are ready to cooperate in promoting Russian cosmonautics in the following areas:

1. Co-branding projects implementation. Glavkosmos is the official trademark operator of the Roscosmos State Space Corporation. This status allows us to use legally the means of Roscosmos individual brands and trademarks on our products, as well as to implement co-branding projects.

2. Sales of our products at retail shops. At the moment, our products can be purchased:

- in our webstore;

- in the Cosmonautics Pavilion of VDNKh (Moscow);

- at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (Moscow);

- at the K.E.Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics (Kaluga);

- in other places of attraction for the Russian space enthusiasts (e.g. exhibitions, events, space-oriented events).

We will be happy to place our products in new locations.

3. Sales of space-themed products in our online store. Interaction with partners is based on a commission basis, we will be happy to see you and your products on our website.

For all cooperation related questions please contact us by email: