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The most anticipated space calendar for 2024!

Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that the Glavkosmos calendar for 2024 has already been posted in our online store and is available for order!
When we were thinking about the concept of the calendar – and this is always a creative and serious process for us - we really wanted to reflect the cultural wealth of our country in conjunction with the themes of space and distant worlds of the future.

Russian Russian folk tales and epics came to our aid, or rather, their plots embodied on the canvases of world-famous Russian artists. A whole layer of folk folklore, multiplied by the genius of the artists and seasoned with a fair share of a sci-fi view of the colonization of distant planets – this is how our calendar turned out this time, and an illustrator was able to bring our ideas to life Igor Glushchenko

We hope that we managed to remind you of the childish delight and expectation of a miracle from the fairy tales you read, of the youthful aspiration to the future, of the ability of youth to discard outdated frameworks and make progress, and of the possibility of adulthood to bring to life today what seemed fantastic yesterday. Let's strive for the future, not forgetting our millennial roots, let's fly into space together!