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External battery "SPHERE"

External battery "SPHERE"
External battery "SPHERE"
External battery "SPHERE"
External battery "SPHERE"
External battery "SPHERE"
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Product code: УТ-00000590
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4 950 ₽ / pcs.
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Sphere is one of the key projects of Roscosmos aimed at the development of space information technologies and the elimination of the so—called "digital inequality". Thanks to it, the most modern communication and monitoring system will be created, including both existing and promising space infrastructure. Print on the front side of the product. Unisex. Composition 100% cotton. The color is beige. The type of print application is silkscreen printing. Material: Plastic. Product Dimensions: 147.9x 70.6 x 16.6 mm. Application method: UV printing. Input Connectors: USB Type-C Output Connectors: USB Type-C, USB Wireless Charging: Qi protocol Package Contents: USB – Type-C wire, external battery Capacity: 10000 mA/h. Product Weight: 350 gr.
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