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Star Map (Luminous), A0

Star Map (Luminous), A0
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On the wall map, the starry sky is shown in the form of maps of the northern and southern hemispheres of the celestial sphere. This is how the night sky with twinkling galaxies, nebulae and star clusters looks from the North and South Poles of the Earth.

The map is unusual: the brightest stars that form the recognizable contour of the constellation are covered with fluorescent paint and, charging in sunlight or electric light, twinkle in the dark creating a complete illusion of the starry sky.

The stars on the map are ranked by apparent magnitude. The names of the brightest stars and conditional outlines of all 88 constellations are given. Brief information about the solar system, the celestial sphere, star coordinates, the ecliptic and the zodiac circle is given. The map can be recommended to anyone who is interested in astronomy and loves romance.

Size: 1,170x790 mm

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