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Adventures in weightlessness. The best games in space.

Adventures in weightlessness. The best games in space.
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Set off to surf the unexplored expanses of space aboard our book of games and puzzles! Your space adventure promises to be very exciting! Ahead is a meeting with the unknown - aliens, new planets, stars, as well as with everyone you love - ships, rockets, shuttles...

Space challenges you - go through mazes, look for matching shadows, connect the dots, solve sudoku, color and look for differences.

Complete nearly 100 incredible zero gravity challenges to rightfully earn the title of fearless, intelligent space hero! Be smart, attentive and smart, and you can safely call yourself a real space wolf. Get to work, young captain! Space loves daredevils!
For elementary school age.

Release year: 2021
Cover type: Softcover
Weight: 256 g.
Size: 241x198x7 mm.
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