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Flights into space. Quests with Chevostik, Mirra Kotovskaya

Flights into space. Quests with Chevostik, Mirra Kotovskaya
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Chevostik decided to become an astronaut, and Uncle Kuzya came up with an entertaining quest game: space hide and seek. He hid somewhere in the universe and offered Chevostik to find him. But how to find someone in the boundless space? It's impossible. Therefore, Uncle Kuzya left tasks-tips. Chevostik will fulfill them and collect items, by combining which he will get ...

But we will not say this, because this will be the answer to the question of where to look for Uncle Kuzya.

Set off on an exciting journey with Chevostik: go through mazes, solve puzzles, puzzles and logic tasks, collect clues, follow the path of an astronaut and find Uncle Kuzya. At the end of the book, you will find the spaceship's logbook and a certificate for merit and endurance shown during the execution of the space mission, signed by a real cosmonaut - Gennady Ivanovich Padalka.

Ready to complete a responsible task and go into space with Chevostik and a real astronaut? Key, ignition, purge: LET'S GO!

book chips
- Quest book: to complete one big task, you need to solve many small ones

- Cognitive leisure

- Maximum detail: drawings by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Alexei Leonov's ship, a centrifuge for astronaut dogs and much more - everything is copied from the originals and approved by the scientific editor, a former employee of the Cosmonautics Museum at VDNKh

- No fantasy and aliens: true astronautics

- Diploma signed by cosmonaut Gennady Ivanovich Padalka

- The logbook of the spaceship will help you find the answer to the quest and become a toy

How to use the book
- Read the introduction, which explains the rules of the game.

- Go to the page with a table of contents. Select any task and go to it.

- Complete the task and circle the item next to your answer that Chevostik will take with him.

- Complete all tasks.

- Take the logbook of the spacecraft and mark your answers there. Think about what item you can collect from them and see in the answers whether it is correctly assembled.

- If yes, then rejoice, jump for happiness! Ask the parents to write the name on the letter. Then take it to a conspicuous place and be proud of yourself.

- If not, then rejoice anyway - the astronaut's path is very difficult, many difficulties and mistakes lie in wait there. You can take the answers and see what was missed or done wrong, then think a little more and still find the right answer, sign the letter, hang it in a conspicuous place and be proud of yourself.

Who is this book for?
For everyone who loves Chevostik and space flights.

Release year: 2021
Cover Type: Hardcover
Weight: 190 g.
Size: 260x206x4mm
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