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Flights into space, Elena Kachur

Flights into space, Elena Kachur
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Chevostik and Uncle Kuzya are waiting for new incredible adventures. This time they will go into space. The heroes will study the history of astronautics, visit the International Space Station and see astronauts land. And readers will watch the first manned flight into space and find out if it is possible to drink a cup of tea in zero gravity.

Who is Chevostik?
Chevostik is a cute character from a famous audio project. Today, the guys know him from encyclopedias. The series continues to publish books that explain the structure of the world to children.

Children perceive information much better when some fairy-tale character tells them about the world. That is why girls and boys love such encyclopedias so much.

Chevostik, together with Uncle Kuzey, makes amazing journeys into the world of sciences: physics, chemistry, astronomy, anatomy, geology and others. He tells children about the great geographical discoveries, the conquest of space and magical chemical transformations.

book chips
- A new encyclopedia with your favorite hero Chevostik.

- A portrait of cosmonaut Gennady Ivanovich Padalka and his signature is now with every reader (look for it on the walls in Uncle Kuzi's room).

- Incredible flight to the edge of the solar system.

- High level of detail in illustrations. Readers will be able to consider the structure of the International Space Station and the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

- Reliable information: what color are the stripes on the spacesuits of astronauts and what do astronauts do in outer space.

- Children will immerse themselves in a new and exciting world of knowledge through play.

How to read a book
Read with the whole family and complete tasks

Who is this book for?
- For inquisitive children aged 4+.

- For all-all fans of Chevostik.

- For preschoolers and younger students.

- For parents who dream of a starry sky.

Release year: 2021
Cover Type: Hardcover
Weight: 394 g.
Size: 268x210x10 mm.
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Availability: only a few left

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