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Cosmos (with stickers), Pellegrino F.

Cosmos (with stickers), Pellegrino F.
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The depths of space are very close! Introduce your child to the structure of the solar system and space beyond. With this book, he will be able to learn the names of planets, galaxies, constellations, where they are located, how they are depicted, as well as get acquainted with interesting facts about them. Some space bodies have disappeared from the pages of the book, so your baby will have to find suitable stickers for the lost ones - this is an excellent training for memory, attention and fine motor skills. As many as seven colorful spreads, a cheerful guide character and two sheets of stickers will allow you to take a fascinating excursion into the unknown. The depths of space are waiting to meet your baby. Let learning new things be easy and fun!

Who is this book for?
For elementary school age.

Release year: 2020
Cover type: Softcover
Weight: 104 g.
Size: 280x210x2 mm.
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Availability: only a few left
Availability: only a few left

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