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Space. Complete Encyclopedia, Tsvetkov V.I.

Space. Complete Encyclopedia, Tsvetkov V.I.
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The book "Cosmos" introduces the structure of the Universe, celestial bodies, star systems, astronomical discoveries, the history of astronomy. A separate place belongs to the section on the sky of the Earth, because it is from here that we see the movement of the stars and constellations. Having studied the sky of different latitudes, you can go to our solar system, and further, to our Galaxy. How do stars light up, what is a black hole, how old is the solar system, what will happen to our Sun? You will find these and other interesting questions on the pages of this book. For the convenience of using the encyclopedia at the end of the book there is a subject, name index and a reference section.

The author of the encyclopedia is a teacher, expedition member, professional astronomer Valentin Tsvetkov.

Release year: 2015
Cover Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1434
Size: 290x215x22 mm.
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Availability: only a few left

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