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Space. Big book about the Universe and astronautics.

Space. Big book about the Universe and astronautics.
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A beautiful gift atlas with entertaining facts about space. Latest scientific information and visual illustrations to help you understand the information.

Want to take a trip to space? Then all you need to do is look at the night sky. This huge book with maps of the starry sky will allow you to explore not only the solar system, but also the most distant galaxies.

You will see accurate maps of the starry sky, which were obtained thanks to modern telescopes and technologies. You will read about the diameter of the Universe and the speed of the Earth's rotation, about the famous spacecraft, about the stars visible to the naked eye, and about distant galaxies, distinguishable only with the help of special devices.

Also under the cover:

- detailed maps of constellations, our solar system, planets, galaxies and comets;

- information about gravity, dwarf planets, black holes, the Moon and spaceships;

- stories about how stars were studied in ancient cultures and what myths and legends were composed around them;

- a story about how rockets, probes and telescopes were used to explore space;

- detailed image of the International Space Station.

Who is this book for?
- For children from 8 years old

- For those who love space

Release year: 2022
Cover Type: Hardcover
Weight: 620 g.
Size: 317x235x13 mm.
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Availability: only a few left

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