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100 questions from Chevostik. About space, physics, technology, nature and man, Fedor Molyukov

100 questions from Chevostik. About space, physics, technology, nature and man, Fedor Molyukov
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Children are masters of questions. Every day they ask: why this and why that? Parents sometimes get lost, because it is impossible to know everything in the world. What to do? Send for reconnaissance of the main why - Chevostik.

Our hero has accumulated as many as one hundred questions. He goes on a journey to find out why the wind blows, how a thermos keeps tea hot, where the echo comes from, how a microwave oven heats food, what the Internet is, and whether it is possible to fly a plane into space.

All questions are divided into 5 topics: space, physics, technology, nature and man. However, the division is conditional, because all topics complement each other and intersect. How can you create space technology without knowledge of physics? Exactly!

Join the fun journey. Ask questions, get answers and have fun.

book chips
- The most unusual children's questions and reasonable adult (but understandable) answers.

- Not a piece of white paper - everything is covered with very beautiful drawings.

- Laugh and wonder - that's how you can describe this book in a nutshell.

- References, references - so many references in this book... Even to Maurits Escher!

- It will be interesting even for adults.

100 questions! How do we put them in the table of contents? No way. But they made a pointer, so there is everything.

How to read a book
- You can open the table of contents and read what topics are in the book, choose the most interesting ones and read about them.

- Topics are indexed. You can use it and go to the desired page.

- You can just flip through, look at the pictures and read those questions and answers that seemed the most interesting.

Who is this book for?
- For everyone who loves Chevostik /

- For little people who ask questions a hundred times a day /

- For children from 5 years old.

Release year: 2022
Cover Type: Hardcover
Weight: 438 g.
Size: 268x211x12 mm.
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Availability: only a few left

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