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Wall calendar Glavkosmos 2021

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Traditional 2021 space calendar from Glavkosmos.
We decided to dedicate 2021, an anniversary year for the world cosmonautics, to our memorable past. It is referenced in the calendar illustrations created by Ilya Orlov, a Moscow illustrator, with the techniques of Russian print graphics and poster art.
The uniqueness of the illustrations is that the artist did not try to copy exactly the ideas of those times. He was only inspired by retro-futurism bringing modern elements from cinema and comic books to it. Among the pictures of the calendar, there are references to a special All-Union physical culture training program “Ready for Labour and Defence of the USSR”, group photos of the best workers, friendship of peoples, and, even a little bit, to the Mystery of the Third Planet movie.
At the same time, the plot of the pictures depicts the present and future of both domestic cosmonautics and a look abroad through the prism of the Reagan's arms race and star wars. The names of the months are written in the font as if from a sci-fi movie and the calendar cover looks like a colorful poster that can be seen from afar.

Size: A2 (594x420)mm, on a spring, vertical.
Material: cover coated double-sided cardboard 350 g / m2, main block 12 strips 250 g / m2
Packaging: cellophane

Made in Russia.
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Availability: not in stock
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Guest, размер календаря соответствует формату А2 (вертикальный): 594х420мм.

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Обидно за отрасль, когда наблюдаешь эту, скажем мягко, пошлость. Ни уму, ни сердцу. Всё на самом обывательски-гламурном уровне. Можно сказать, ПИН-ДАУН.
Демонстрация духовной и интеллектуальной пустоты. Вакуум.
Календарь просто огонь! Рисунки ещё и с пасхалками в некотором роде, нарисовано всё прям замечательно! Пока висит, а после окончания года разберём на плакаты :)

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