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Soyuz MS spacecraft model

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Exclusive model of the Soyuz MS manned transport spacecraft in 1:50 scale for true lovers of space technology. The closest possible copy of the latest modification of the Russian multi-seat manned transport spacecraft of the Soyuz family. The spacecraft of this modification are used by the Roscosmos State Corporation to deliver crews to the International Space Station and back to Earth. "Soyuz" can accommodate a crew of up to three people. Today Soyuz MS spacecraft use an "ultra-fast" rendezvous with the International Space Station, in which the time from the launch of the launch vehicle from the cosmodrome to the complete docking of the spacecraft with the ISS is no more than three and a half hours.

Height - 150 mm.


Spacecraft hull - jewelry brass

Pedestal - natural stone serpentine

Movable solar panels made from jewelry brass with blue enamel and nickel plating.

Made in Russia.

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